That branch of law responsible for governing relations of individuals and entities of the state when it comes to enforce a real or unnamed personal right through procedures, rules and legal principles before a court.

Way to acquire ownership of a property, which consists of the change of the owner of a property, in the owner of the property over the course of time.

Procedures, prior to the main trial that provide the person who promotes elements of knowledge or proof that will allow him to promote a subsequent trial.

Forced enforcement of late payments for the use of a property previously acquired in lease, as well as in case of non-payment, will result in vacancy of the leased property.

It means that individuals, agencies and organizations (public, private and civil society) are responsible for the proper performance of their functions and by this procedure exhibit the documents that have managed or kept their accounts.

It is a procedure by which a judge intervene to declare the status of a certain situation of a person or thing, without any controversy between parties.

We take the most expeditious way the trial, which counts the creditors whose right is based on an executive title.

We help by promoting a process in which the inheritance rights of a deceased person are acquired without a prior will or if this will be lost.

Means of impugnation through which we seek that a superior court revoke according to right the resolution of the inferior.

It is the procedure that has in law a series of steps logically linked together to reach an objective that is to resolve the issue raised through the issuance of a sentence; Which is filed with the purpose of declaring the plain and flat nullity of the contested act












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