Types of Divorce

Types of Divorce

Our legislation indicates 3 types of divorce.

1.- Divorce by Mutual Consent (Voluntary). In this type of divorce, both spouses agree that their divorce, putting their own rules, in the case of existing minor children, in the payment of alimony and days of visits.

Necessary documentation;

(i) Marriage Certificate.

(ii) Birth Certificate, only of the children.

(iii) Current Official Identification of the applicants.

2.- Administrative Divorce. As in the Voluntary, in the Administrative Divorce, both parties wish to be divorced, but also meet the following requirements:

(i) There are no children.

(ii) Both are Mexican.

(iii) Have more than one year of marriage.

(iv) Present two witnesses.

(v) Non-pregnancy test.

(vi) In case of having married by conjugal partnership and count on assets, make the division of assets against a notary. The procedure is performed before the Civil Registry Officer.

3.- Divorce Necessary:

In this type of divorce, does not have any incidence of the law (infidelity, domestic violence, threats, etc.) or spouses, do not want or can not come to sign the divorce.

In the process of Divorce, decisions will be taken that will determine your future situation regarding your assets, custody and maintenance of food, which will require professional attention by a lawyer, an expert in family matters.

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